7 Sample DEI Statements and a Guide to Writing Yours - Included (2023)

Successful initiatives for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).Encourage employee engagement, stimulate innovation and increase the likelihood of achieving financial goals. However, before you launch initiatives, writing a DEI statement helps align stakeholders and serves as a statement of your organization's commitment to DEI initiatives.

Here we define what an instruction is, provide sample DEI instructions, and help you write your own.

What is a DEI declaration?

A DEI statement outlines a company's commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. While no two statements by DEI look identical, they will generally touch on DEI's role in shaping the company's values ​​and the general way DEI is manifested through the company's actions.

What should a DEI declaration contain?

In most cases, a DEI declaration will include the following:

  • A company mission statement.
  • An explanation of how DEI is connected to this mission
  • A call to certain underrepresented groups
  • High-level examples of DEI efforts

Examples of God's statements

To better put the nature of DEI initiatives into context, let's look at testimonials from industry leaders. The following DEI statements can be found on the websites of these companies.

1. Actually

They belong to Indeed

At Indeed, our mission is to help everyone find a job. While we have long backgrounds and diverse talents, our best work comes when our voices are heard. Channeling our unique perspectives to positively impact others, our communities, and our world helps all Indeedians feel like #BelongAtIndeed.

2. About

Leadership commitment to diversity

Creating more justice is one of six company-wide priorities our CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has set out for 2021 to serve. Each member of the Executive Leadership Team does their part to make this happen, particularly by ensuring their entire organization is behind it. Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion is at the heart of corporate strategy, and commitment starts at the top.


inclusion and diversity

Netflix's greatest impact is in storytelling. stories likeThe harder they fall,I never,love on the spectrum,Yasuke, jSquid GameExpand representation, empathy and understanding. We create and connect these stories with people around the world, breaking down barriers of language, device, capacity or connectivity. A better screen experience starts with the office experience. Our work must first be internal so that it can influence what we do externally. We believe we do better when our employees come from diverse backgrounds and when we create an environment of inclusion and belonging for them.

4. Release

Create an inclusive environment

We strive to hire diverse talent and ensure you are treated with respect and support during the application process and after you join Slack. We embrace diversity and strive to create conditions that give everyone equal opportunities to thrive. To promote these values, we offer various programs and initiatives.

5. United Way

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy Statement

We consider diversity as much as possible.

We value the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are.

We welcome every person who brings a unique perspective and experience to further our mission and advance our fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.

We believe that all members of the United Way community, donors, volunteers, advocates and staff should have equal access to resolve community issues.

We strive to put diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of our daily work.

We are committed to using these practices for our business and communities.

Join us to advance diversity, equity and inclusion for every person in every community.

6. Comcast

Our commitment to DE&I

We know that a diverse, equitable and inclusive company is more innovative and successful. In our people, products and content, we consider diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, cultures and experiences and have worked together with our partners to fight injustice and injustice for decades. From providing broadband and digital skills training to underserved families; create opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs; to amplify different voices; We are committed to using our unique platforms to create positive change.

7. Google

build for everyone

Google is committed to continuing to make diversity, equity and inclusion part of everything we do, from building our products to growing our workforce.

Google is growing to fulfill this vision. In recent years we have doubled our size; Today we have more than 100,000 employees in 170 cities in almost 60 countries. Operating at this scale brings an increased level of responsibility to everything we do, including a workforce that is more representative of our users and a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for all.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

How to write a DEI statement

To start writing your DEI statement, you should first take stock of your company's mission and your DEI approach. Your DEI statement should not reiterate your values ​​verbatim or provide a comprehensive list of current and past efforts, but they will help serve as a foundation.

From there, here are the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Create a title.

While your title might be a badass tag like[Company Name] DEI Statement, the best headlines offer a little more specificity.

For example, the Indeed headline reads:They belong to Indeed. This direct approach immediately welcomes the reader to the Indeed workplace, regardless of their background. It also emphasizes the notion of belonging, which alludes to the company encompassing diverse voices.

Step 2: Write the statement.

From our examples you can see that DEI statements are typically 50-100 words long. While the content of each statement varies, there are some commonalities that run through several of them.

  • Engagement– Every company is committed to diversity. Google, for example, expresses a desire to “make diversity, equity and inclusion a part of everything we do, from how we build our products to how we build our workforce” . Notice how this appeals to DEI internally and externally.
  • examples– Many companies mention how their work and policies reflect their commitment to DEI. Netflix, for example, lists several of its popular films and series, each representing the voices of underrepresented groups based on race, nationality, and disability. The key to this component is brevity. Later in the statement, you can go into more specific examples of DEI's efforts; However, your DEI statement must produce thick strokes.
  • Continue– Although there are a variety of ways to complete your DEI statement, an effective approach could be to tie DEI to your company values. After taking note of some of its DEI-related efforts, Comcast states:We are committed to using our unique platforms to create positive change.Comcast, a global telecommunications company, notes that its commitment to DEI aligns with its overall goals of creating positive change.

Step 3: Give your DEI statement a home.

Some companies host their DEI declaration under theirabout uspage, while others devote an entire page to diversity efforts. In most cases, the latter option is the most effective.

InUber Diversity and Inclusion page, find not only his DEI statement, but also his annual report on people and culture, quotes from his DEI Director, and links to pages describing how Uber is engaging with workers from specific communities.

Make your efforts count

Ultimately, creating a DEI declaration may seem like a relatively easy task; However, acting on your values ​​can be a little more difficult. For many companies, recruiting and retaining truly diverse talent pools can be difficult, and even the best DEI explanation will do little. This is why you should consider a data-driven solution built by experts in the field.

Includedis an AI-powered DEI data analytics platform that drives diversity in recruitment and hiring outcomes. By collecting and analyzing candidate data, Includes provides a complete insight into the recruitment pipeline. Want to see DEI's hiring trends? Or which recruiting sources produce the most diverse pools of candidates? Included shows you all that and much more.

DEI statements are a great way to describe your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion. The data-driven DEI solution is included to help you meet that commitment.

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