A Guide to Player Role Combos (2023)

First, let me say that I'm not an expert in this field, but to be fairer I read and test and experiment with interesting and perhaps unorthodox formations and combinations. Those of you following my current 1KC career probably know what I'm talking about. These insights come from my years of experience with FMM/H test matches and careers. You can have different ideas or opinions and that's great. Please share yours as well so we can talk about the pros and cons of the two. I've always tried to keep things as simple as possible, easy for me and easy for the reader/listener, after all the game of soccer is easy, isn't it? The possibilities with these player role combos in FMM are endless, but here are 10 player role combos that have proven very useful to me over the years and that I wanted to share with you.

- Player Role Combinations -


We have thatlimited defender(LD), who tends to just clear the ball as quickly as possible and away from goal, we've got thosedefender in the center(CD) who distributes the ball to nearby teammates, which helps maintain possession on defense, and then has the ballBall-playing defender(DBP), who will try to create (counter)attacking opportunities by throwing balls at players next to or in front of him in midfield.LDs make sure you don't get caught from behind, but pass the ball to opponents faster.CDs relieve pressure by holding the ball and support attacks by spreading the ball to oneDBPor midfield, but also runs the risk of being caught in possession.DBPPlayers, on the other hand, focus primarily on possession and creative passing, which can be the most risky but also the most rewarding. All 3 have their pros and cons, but when it comes to combining them, the one combo I tend to avoid is thisLD+DBPout ofLDs play straight and clear the ball as quickly as possible andDBPS need/rely on possessions to express their creative intentions, so they often don't work well together. Maybe there is a reason for pairing 2DBPs, but it's a lot of creativity on defense that gets as creative as it's transpired. I think it's important to prioritize defense first. Finding the right mix and balance between a solid defense and one with sufficient support/attack intentions is crucial, and below are 3 example player role combinations that have worked wonders for me.


A Guide to Player Role Combos (1)

A simple combination with 2CDs playing a short passing game and a sandwichLDthat frees the ball from any danger. Works great with only 3CDs too, so you can also opt for this one as an alternative or main option. It can be a solid line of defense with the right players.

2. WB + CD + BPD + CD + WB

A Guide to Player Role Combos (2)

A very offensive defensive line with 2WBs who are constantly trying to run forward and aDBPin the middle, who plays the ball to the side to launch the attacks, or further up, to the center line. Also very effective when playingSEs on the sides, which tend to cut inward, enhance good tie play and overlaps between pairs.

3. FB + CD + CD + FB

A Guide to Player Role Combos (3)

A pretty standard or conservative 4. No frills, just 4 all-in-one defenders that are there to get a job done. Also very useful with basic midfielders (WM) in combination withFacebookS. A defensive player behind an offensive one. Traditional but stable pairing.

midfield player

It's a bit more complicated in midfield. These players need chemistry, which basically means they have to protect the defenders and support the defence, which is essential, but also create chances for the attackers and support the forwards. Or they just have to defend and attack. Whatever combination of midfielder roles I choose, I want at least 1 player who is a bit more defensive and 1 player who is a bit more offensive. If we don't balance that properly, the opposition will just run unchallenged through midfield and create tons of scoring chances for their forwards. DM, CM, AMC positions basically determine how well and effectively players can play their assigned role, but I generally use onemidfield player(CM) for defensive tasks, deep sitting and aAdvanced playmaker(PA) for higher attack tasks in the field. APlaymaker deep lie(DLP) holds position and holds the ball, but also creates chances, so I lean more towards him or aHalf box to box(BBM) for defensive and/or offensive roles. I only go with oneBall-winning midfielder(BMW) in combination with 2 other midfielders (1 more defense oriented and 1 more attention oriented) because he runs/hunts everywhere and usually doesn't hold a position. This is to ensure a balanced midfield, so I think it works best in a triangular midfield combination like 2 CMs + 1 AMC or 2 CMs + 1 DM as you can see below in 3 example player role combinations that work for me.


A Guide to Player Role Combos (4)

ÖCs must always fulfill their attack purposes and theCMeBBMhis defense. OBBMmoves from one area to another to support the front line when in possession of the ball. It's the exact opposite when you're not in possession of the ball. Chic? NO. Useful? Yes.

5. AM triangle CM + DLP + AP

A Guide to Player Role Combos (5)

Probably my most used triangle combination in midfield. OCMit does a little bit of everything but mostly supports the bottom line. ODLPholds the ball and plays the essential link-up game and thePAis the creative force here, making the attacking plays needed to support the sometimes isolated strikers, especially when played with 3 midfielders. It's one of the most balanced combos in my opinion.

6. DM-Dreieck CM + AP + BWM

A Guide to Player Role Combos (6)

In this triangle theCMis very important as it retains and assists in possessionPAit wouldn't work otherwise, or at least not be as effective. Also with oneBMWInstead of DM, who's known for running around the field like a headless chicken on a mission, OK, he wins the ball and regains possession for the team and we appreciate that, but it's crucial to have a to haveCMalso for defensive roles, or this combination would soon become an open whole in midfield.


This line is perhaps the most difficult to figure out as it relies heavily on how well the defense and midfield perform their duties and support roles to provide attackers with enough balls and chances. But to keep it as simple as possible, when pairing, I basically group them into whoever iscreateand those whopunctuation. One depends on the other, so it makes sense. Certain forwards can do both (create and score), while others focus primarily on bringing other teammates into play. While other forwards do the opposite and focus mostly on scoring and do very little to create chances for their teammates. When I look at the 10 player roles available to forwards, the main ones I see are the followingCreator:Defensive Striker(DF),Lying low(DLF),Advanced playmaker(PA),attacking midfielder(T) EAla(C). I go for goalsgunners:Advanced Advanced(VON) Epoachers(P). Of course, that doesn't mean Creators don't score and Gunners don't create, but if you pair them it helps to group them together to find effective combos early on. The other 3 attackers do a lot of both in my setups,Inside forward(SE),full transfer(CF) ETarget person(MT). Any effective forward player/role combo needs a healthy mix of creators and scorers able to play to each other's strengths to be deadly in front of goal. Below are some examples of successful player role combinations that have created and scored many goals for my teams.

7. SE + AP + P + SE

A Guide to Player Role Combos (7)

An effective combination when you really don't care where the targets come from. If your back and midline are well organized, it's a threat to any opponent.SEs, which cuts inwards, a P, which directs the ball towards the goal at every opportunity, aPAwho creates and provides deadly passports. Pure joy to watch when this combination clicks. And click on it.

8. W + CF + TM + W

A Guide to Player Role Combos (8)

Not my favorite combo to be honest, but it works. I don't usually use oneMTin my background but they are known to work very well with itCs on the flanks and aMTAir force and skills are crucial. OCFIt may come as a surprise, but the best show no mercy. Generates, provides, supports, scores. Maybe an odd couple for some, but they certainly do their job.


A Guide to Player Role Combos (9)

It couldn't be more balanced. The creator:DLF. Textmarker:VON. That is the plan. As long as the center line with possibly a is presentPAorCMs or a previously mentioned midfield combination, these two can create and score when needed. Players must fit their role (player).

10. AP+P+T

A Guide to Player Role Combos (10)

One of my favorite pioneering partnerships. OTalso known as 'der Penner' creates the necessary space in the opponent's defense, derPAPass the ballPwho is playing it online. Soccer is really a simple game. With the right players, it's a pleasure to watch. OTtho is known for contributing a lot to offense and basically zero to defense. So you run the risk of playing with him, but a good oneTcan be an enormous enrichment in advance. Risk versus reward, but in my opinion it's more reward than risk.

last words

Keep in mind that not every player is capable of performing a specific task. So make sure that when assigning a specific role to a player, he has the right attributes to support it and get the player role mapping to work. It only takes one unsuitable player or misplaced role to cause a given combination to fall apart completely, setting off a chain reaction and affecting other players' role combinations and the entire team's performance.

I hope this guide has helped you get a general understanding of what it takes to make a combination/formation work or at least have an inspiring effect on some of you. These are just a few examples, the sky is the limit, so do your homework, have fun trying new and interesting combinations, and most importantly, good testing.

to express an opinion? to share information? A question? Please leave a comment. Thank you Vibers!

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