Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (2023)

Are you looking for a newtrunk on the roof of the car? Most likely, your choice will come down to two brands:Thule vs. Yakime.

These two companies are to car roof boxes what Coca-Cola and Pepsi are to soft drinks.They dominate the market.

Thule boxes made in Sweden are so popular that in many parts of the world Thule is used as an eponym to describe any roof box. Their cargo boxes aren't just built well. They are also elegant and elegant in design.

Some models may look like more car upgrades and accessories. However, this comes at a price. Thule products tend to besignificantly more expensivebut competition.

Yakima roof boxes are manufactured in the state of Washington. generally putincreased focus on robust functionalitybut aesthetics and advanced features.

Yakima's roof cargo boxes can be a bit lacking in the looks department compared to Thule products. However, they are usuallycheaper and easier to install.

For this comparison article, we have selected some of the best cargo boxes from both manufacturers. We pit them against each other in mutual competition.

We look at them in various categories. We have Thule in the corner.Hyper XL i Motion XT. Representing Yakima areSkybox Carbonite and RocketBox Pro model.

  • Comparison table
  • Cargo box material
  • mounting system
  • Aerodynamics
  • opening and closing
  • Look
  • Size
  • Security and other features
  • Endurance
  • Judgment


Quick Summary: Comparison Table

Thule Hiper XLThule Motion XT charging boxYakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo BoxYakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Box
Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (1)Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (2)Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (3)Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (4)Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (5)Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (6)Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (7)Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (8)
PrecioBuy it on AmazonBuy it on AmazonBuy it on AmazonBuy it on Amazon
Weight67.8 pounds55 pounds75 pounds60 pounds
Pun kapacitet110 pounds165 pounds120 pounds120 pounds
Volume17 cubic feet16 cubic feet16 cubic feet12 cubic feet
MaterialFive-layer ABS plasticThermoformed ABS plasticcarbon texturerecycled ABS plastic
integrated lightYYeahYeahYeah
locks includedYYYY
opening the boxdouble sideddouble sideddouble sideddouble sided
WarrantyFor lifeFor lifelimited durationlimited duration

Cargo box material

Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (9)

(Video) etrailer | Thule Vector M Rooftop Cargo Box Review

Both Thule and Yakima useup to 80% recycled materialsfor their boxes. So you can rest easy knowing that your charging box is good for the environment.

All models in our comparison are made ofThermoformed ABS plastic.It is outstandingdurable and lightweight.

Thule and Yakima cargo boxes are everythingwaterproof and relatively shockproof.However, they differ in shape and finish.

Yakima Carbonite has a textured finish similar to carbon fiber. RocketBox looks pretty simple. It has a standard matte finish.

Thule Hyper XL is made of five-layer ABS plastic. that does itsuper strong and weather resistant.

Additionally, this box has silver acrylic highlights. give him aelegant, modern and even executive look.

Both Thule chests have high-strength steel reinforcements. They help reduce wear in high-load areas at the bottom of the bed.

ABS plastic isextremely light. It is a great innovation in assembly, o. It doesn't take a lot of power to maneuver your car.

The material is quite thin. The overall rigidity of the box is highly dependent on the shape and design.

Yakima cases, when open, tend to have a weaker feel than Thule ones. However, this does not affect performance when it is closed.

mounting system

Modern cargo boxes are generally easy to install. Most of the time, they don't need tools. You just need to have the right type of luggage rack.

Your choice of trunk will also affect the type of roof rack you should purchase. Not all roof racks and cargo boxes are compatible. Your safest bet is yesstick to the same manufacturer for all car accessories.

(Video) Thule Pulse M Cargo Box (614) Review

From the manufacturers,Yakima roof boxes are somewhat simpler to install.All you have to do is open the pre-assembled box. Then release the safety levers. Release the wheels by hand to open the retaining clips.

Then slide the box onto your shelf until the clamps catch the bars. Tighten the wheels and close the levers. You can go.

Thule boxes are a bit more complicated to install, but not that much. A particular advantage of the Thule fixing system is that there issound indicating installation is complete. That way there is no guesswork.

The innovative Thule PowerClick system does notclear ratcheting sound.This lets you know that the box is installed correctly.


Aerodynamics is an extremely important factor when choosing a roof box.Higher air resistance leads to higher fuel consumption.This can cause irritating vibrations and increase cabin noise.

The shape and design of your box also affects the overall performance and stability of your car. This is especially the case at high speeds and in windy conditions.

Both Thule and Yakima strive to make their cases as aerodynamic as possible, and you can tell just by looking at them; the front of each roof box is tilted forward to cut through the air.

Looking at customer feedback, some users reported that wind noise was noticeable when using the Yakima box, but only at high speeds. Customers have noted this for both manufacturers.the increase in fuel consumption was not drastic, with losses reported between2 y 4 mpg a 75 MPH.

opening and closing

Earlier cargo boxes were notoriously difficult to open and close, with the lid most often having to be removed entirely. Loading and unloading of cargo boxes has been ever sincebecome a breezethanks toHinges and advanced opening mechanisms.

All of the boxes we have listed are easy to handle and do not require any significant force to open and close. One thing to consider is that the cargo boxes have a limited angle when open.

This is because the hinges hold the lid in place. Therefore, storing bulky items can be a real challenge. There is no significant deviation in the maximum lid angles when the boxes are fully open.

Both Thule and Yakima boxes have double-sided opening mechanisms. They allow you to open the box from the driver or passenger side.

(Video) Toyota 4Runner with Thule Motion Large 16 CF Rooftop Cargo Box

Some models come with push-button openings near the bottom of the trunk, while others open with conventional pull handles. The buttons are faster and easier to operate and allow you toopen your cargo box with one hand.

If you have a taller vehicle and/or it is short, getting to the hood to close it can be a challenge. A nice feature to have is astrap inside the capallowing you to reach it without having to climb a ladder or perform similar stunts.

All Thule boxes include these pull cables, while some Yakima boxes do not, so check before you buy.


Cargo Boxes Thule vs Yakima - Moj CMS (10)

Luggage boxes tend to be bulky, clunky, and dare I say ugly additions to your car. Fortunately, the two manufacturers we're comparing put a lot of thought into the aesthetics of their cases. you can choose betweenmatte, glossy or even carbon fiber finishmatching your car.

In my opinion, the appearance of the Yakima and Thule cargo boxes reflects the core values ​​and image of each individual company. Yakima boxes haverobust, functional and sensible appearancewhich looks very sporty and outdoorsy. On the other hand, the Thule chests have a more elegant and urban look that is tamed both inurban and natural environments.

For those looking to make a visual statement, the Thule Hyper XL is more like an upgrade than an addition to your vehicle. Its two-tone design isbold, elegant and futuristic. I am asporty lookis what you're looking for, the Yakima Skybox Carbonite carbon fiber finish adds stylehigh performance lightweightto the appearance of your vehicle.

The last thing to consider when it comes to the look of your case is how well it will respond to scratches, dirt, and damage. While a glossy, high-gloss finish looks great on a spotlessly clean roof box, it can show more dirt and grime than on a less conspicuous luggage box.


When it comes to car roof racks; Size Matters. The ideal size is determined by both the size of your car and the amount of things you will need to store.

As a rule, they come in car boxes.four generic sizes. They are medium, large, extra large and XX-large with a capacity of approx.13, 16, 17 and 21 cubic feet, that is.

All of the boxes on our list come in various sizes, so there's very little to separate one manufacturer from another when it comes to available dimensions. Thule and Yakima offerspecial shapes and sizesfor different needs, including specific versions for carrying skis and snowboards.

Security and other features

All the boxes on our list have security systems.durable locks.Yakima boxes come with SKS or the same key system. This can be very useful if you have multiple Yakima products such asbike hook mountsBecause you canuse the same key for all of them.

(Video) Thule Roof Box Review

Thule boxes have a similar one-key system, and all locks are designed so that the key can only be removed when the lid is closed, whichreduces the risk of losing keys. Thule's secure lock system automatically locks your box after closing the lid.

Although all the cargo boxes were decently secured, if someone really wanted to get in, they could do so without too much effort. that's why it isthe best security you can haveis taking care of your car and removing your expensive equipment when you leave it unattended.

The feature that sets the Thule Hyper XL box apart from the others on our list is itsbuilt-in LED lightIt turns on automatically when you open the box. this is exceptionala useful feature when using your box at nightor in low light conditions.

However, some reviewers have reported that the light is unsafe and can be ejected, especially when the case is filled to the brim.


While Yakima and Thule cargo boxes may differ slightly on many factors, durability isn't one of them. The materials are very similar, as are the hardware for the opening hinges and other features.

Every box on our listpassed wind and rain testsWith reviewers, many of them praise the cargo boxes for keeping their gear dry, even in heavy downpours. All boxes hold up well to normal wear and tear, but careful installation and removal from your car should minimize scratches and dents.

Reviewers reported no discoloration of the cargo boxes, indicating that the UV-protected plastic is actually doing what it says on the box, no pun intended. Some users have noted slight material fatigue in the hinges for both Thule and Yakima cases, but only after prolonged heavy use.

Where there are some differences is in the flex of the top, with Yakima snares being a little wobbier. However, this is not a big drawback because it is only visible when the lid is open andit does not adversely affect functionality or overall performance.


Without a doubt, both manufacturers make a high-quality cargo box to carry your and securefrom point A to point B. In terms of ease of installation and use,agree fairly evenly,and the same goes for security features.

Yakima cargo boxes may lack the sophisticated look of Thule boxes. They don't come with as many secondary features. However, they are usuallymore economical.

If you're looking to save a little money and want an average-looking box that will get the job done, you might be a Yakima person. Hethe best investment for your moneygoing toYakima Skybox carbonite cargo box.It provides solid performance at a reasonable price.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. If looks are important to you and you're willing to pay for style, Thule is the way to go.

(Video) Thule Roof Box and Thule EVO Wingbar Roof Rack Review

HeThule Hiper XLIt's the nicest trunk, but you have to be prepared to shell out some cash.

If you value style, this could be a smart investment. ResemblingThule offers a lifetime warrantyand a wide range of support products (such asthule forklift), it could be the last cargo box you'll ever need to buy.


Are Yakima cargo boxes worth it? ›

The Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 and the Goplus Rooftop Carrier are our favorite inexpensive cargo boxes for those on a budget. The RocketBox is very easy to use and feels well-made and secure. We love the convenience of the dual openings and the tool-free installation.

Can you use a Thule cargo box on a Yakima rack? ›

Expert Reply: If you were to use a Thule cargo box like the Motion XT # TH629806 then yes, this box is compatible with a Yakima round bar roof rack. Sometimes the mounting hardware that comes with roof accessories will require an adapter to fit different style of crossbars though.

How much weight can you put in a Thule cargo box? ›

Thule roof boxes have a load capacity of about 75kg/165lbs and most vehicles have the same maximum capacity. Double check with your car manufacturer to see if that's the case for your car.

Will Thule fit on Yakima? ›

Helpful Expert Reply: Thule roof racks can be installed in Yakima tracks like what you have. You'd need the fit kit part # THKIT3101 and the Podium feet like part # TH460R and the crossbars # TH711120 and you'd be set.

Is Thule or Yakima better? ›

When it comes to quality, both Yakima and Thule racks are top-notch. However, Yakima racks are generally easier to install than Thule racks. Thule racks are also easier to remove, which can be helpful if you need to take them down frequently. If you're looking for the most affordable option, Yakima is the way to go.

What are the disadvantages of a roofbox? ›

You Need To Have A Roof Rack

The main disadvantage of roof boxes is that they may be difficult to mount, especially if you don't have any roof racks ready. You must buy suitable roof racks for your vehicle before installing a roof box.

How fast can you drive with Thule cargo box? ›

When traveling with a Thule roof box, you should not exceed 90 miles per hour as this high speed can change the road holdings of your vehicle, which can mean losing control and stability. When this happens, control can be lost, or even more serious, a wreck can occur.

Do you need crossbars for cargo box? ›

All cargo boxes require a roof rack with crossbars to be already installed on your vehicle. Cargo boxes come with universal mounting hardware . This means they can attach to any type of crossbar - round, square, aerodynamic, or factory.

Will Yakima box fit on Thule bars? ›

Cross Bar Compatibility

In the case of the SkyBox, Yakima claims its open clamps will work with any of their rack systems (round or aerodynamic), factory bars that come from the vehicle manufacturer, and square bars (commonly found with entry-level Thule sets).

Who competes with Thule? ›

  • Global brands.
  • Samsonite Group (with brands such as Samsonite and TUMI) is the global market leader.
  • Rimowa is number two globally.
  • ACE Corporation (with brands such as Proteca and ZERO Halliburton) is number three globally and number one in Japan.
  • Victorinox.
  • Regional direct to the consumer specialists.
  • AWAY (North America)

Why are Yakima racks out of stock? ›

Due to high demand and current delays within the global supply chain we cannot provide estimates on when products will be availability for direct sales at this time. Retailer orders will be filled before we offer items for sale on our site. Was this article helpful?

Are Thule and Yakima tracks the same? ›

Thule cross bars are rectanglar in section and Yakima are round in section. For heavier kayak handling when rolling onto the truck from behind, the rectangular section bars are much better as the yak saddles do not roll forward or backwards as they are prone to on round section tubes.

Can a cargo box be too big for a car? ›

You also have to consider how your car will look with a box attached, and fitting a roof box which is too big for your vehicle - particularly if it protrudes over the front and potentially obstructs the driver's vision - is asking for trouble.

Can a roof box be too big? ›

Travelling with a roof box this summer? You could risk a fine if it's too big for the size of your car. The edges of the rack must not hang over the sides of your vehicle and too much at the back will not only be in the way for other motorists but, on a practical note, will also prevent you opening your boot too.

How far forward should a roof box be? ›

It's usually recommended that you position the bars around 70cm apart, fitting them far enough forwards so you can fully open your hatchback with gear on the roof. Again, the roof bar or fitting kit instructions will confirm this.

Is Yakima made in China? ›

Still, the short answer is that the production of Yakima's cargo boxes happens in the USA in the state of California, and most of the output of Yakima's other components happens in Taiwan or China.

Who is Yakima competitor? ›

rack solid is the nation's leader in specialty car, bike, ski, surf, luggage and roof racks from brands such as yakima, thule, inno, kuat in addition to installing curt hitches.

Is Yakima American made? ›

Designed and made in the USA, Yakima has been making top-quality car racks for decades. Their roof rack selection spans nearly every make, model, and year of nearly every vehicle on the road, along with a full selection of rack accessories to fit.

How much range do you lose with a roof box? ›

Our results with the crossbars removed equate to a highway driving range increase of roughly 60 miles and a fuel cost savings of about $14 every 1000 miles based on current national average gas prices.

Should I drive slower with a roof box? ›

Travelling at a higher speed can feel slower with a fully-loaded car, and this will only worsen while carrying the weight of a roof rack as well. Adding a roof box or heavy items such as bikes can increase the drag of your car, making it feel heavier and harder to reach a high speed.

What speed should you drive with a roof box? ›

There is no set speed limit when traveling with a roof box, but it is recommended to never exceed 90 miles per hour. With higher speeds comes a bigger change in a vehicle's road holdings, which can be compromised when your car reaches top speeds with additional cargo on top.

Do Thule boxes affect gas mileage? ›

Beyond that, the two items tested with the least impact on gas mileage were the paddle board and Thule luggage carrier, both of which caused about a -19 percent decrease in fuel economy, or -5.5 mpg.

Can you drive with empty Thule cargo box? ›

Extra wind resistance is one of the biggest reasons to avoid driving with an empty roof cargo box. The box can act like a sail and increase your car's wind resistance when empty. When you travel at a certain speed on the highway, the roof racks will make high whistling and humming noises.

Do Thule racks affect gas mileage? ›

In short, yes, roof racks do affect gas mileage. Any accessory attached to your car can compromise its aerodynamics which, by definition, is the motion of air when interacting with a solid object. The more aerodynamic your car is, the less effort your engine needs to keep your vehicle moving.

Are rooftop cargo carriers worth it? ›

Are rooftop cargo boxes worth it? Yes, it's worth it to use a rooftop cargo box. They cost more that rooftop cargo bags, but hard rooftop cargo boxes are easier to install and secure. Plus, they are weather resistant and simple to use.

Should car roof cargo carriers be mounted forward or backward? ›

In addition, it would be best to position the cargo box slightly backward, closer to the vehicle's back. Mounting the cargo box at this position will improve aerodynamics and inspire airflow around the box. Also, it has the least wind resistance and drags for fuel usage.

What do you put in roof cargo box? ›

Bulky, lightweight things fit well in roof boxes: Things that take up a lot of space but don't weigh a ton are good items to put up top in roof boxes. So, things like tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, pillows, camp chairs, etc. are good options.

Where are Yakima roof boxes made? ›

Our products are made in several locations. We have company owned factories in Taiwan and mainland China. We also build our cargo boxes, and do final fitting on a number of products at our facility in Southern California.

How far apart are Thule cargo boxes? ›

If no special fitting positions are given in the assembly instructions, the bars should be placed between 24 and 36 inches apart, measured from the same position of each crossbar. This distance provides the most support for roof-mounted Thule products.

Are Thule and Rhino-Rack the same? ›

They have similar crossbar designs and features but Rhino-Rack has crossbars that are 7" longer at 54" versus the 47" for the Thule system. Both Rhino-Rack and Thule offer a limited lifetime warranty. As far as noise, they are both similar and much quieter then most competing brands.

Does cargo box affect gas mileage? ›

Adding any roof box increases frontal area of yourvehicle, of course; but no matter how aerodynamic it might look, it also alters the flow of air around your carefully shaped, wind-tunnel tested vehicle—creating drag and turbulence that can, together, knock 10 mpg off the mileage of a smaller four-cylinder vehicle.

Are Yakima cargo boxes made in USA? ›

Still, the short answer is that the production of Yakima's cargo boxes happens in the USA in the state of California, and most of the output of Yakima's other components happens in Taiwan or China.

Do roof boxes affect fuel consumption? ›

Adding a roof box means your car has to carve a bigger hole in the air, which requires burning more fuel, so your mpg will suffer.

How fast can you drive with a cargo box? ›

Find Camping Gear recommends that if you use a cargo box such as one made by Thule, you should keep your speed under 90 mph (which we would advise even if you weren't hauling a cargo box). Keeping a slower speed is recommended to maintain safe control of your vehicle.

Why are roof boxes so expensive? ›

Many top roof rack manufacturers like Thule and Yakima have their R&D to test and ensure their product is safe to use for users – that is us. All of this testing and development drives up the cost of the roof rack. But it is important to have peace of mind that your gear will be safe when driving cross country.

How fast can you drive with a roof top carrier? ›

There is no set speed limit when traveling with a roof box, but it is recommended to never exceed 90 miles per hour. With higher speeds comes a bigger change in a vehicle's road holdings, which can be compromised when your car reaches top speeds with additional cargo on top.

Is Thule made in USA? ›

Smart and efficient manufacturing

Thule has a number of factories across Europe, Brazil, and the US. But no matter where they are, we'll make sure of climate-smart and efficient manufacturing, in a workplace where our employees feel positive and safe.

Where are Thule boxes made? ›

Most people think that Thule racks are made in Europe, and rightly so. Thule is a Swedish company. But while some products are indeed made in Europe, 75% of the Thule products sold in North America are actually made the USA. Thule has factories in Seymour, CT and Chicago, IL.

Why should you take down a roof box when you are not using it? ›

You should take the roof box off when you're not using it. Even if it's empty, it significantly increases your car's fuel consumption. With that in mind, look for a box that's easy to remove and fit back on the roof when you need it. That way, you enjoy flexibility without wasting fuel.


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