Top 6 TikTok Monitoring and Screen Time Limiting Apps (2023)

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Are you still worried about your child overusing TikTok? Concerned about your child accessing inappropriate content? TikTok usage has increased over time, especially among teens. Statistics show that more kids are using TikTok today than ever before. While TikTok can be a great source of entertainment and connecting with your friends, it also has a significant dark side that parents might worry about too. That's why most parents think soTikTok monitoringcan prevent children from accessing pornographic, disturbing and flirty material and wants to find the best way to monitor their children's devices.

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This article introduces the top 6 useful usesLimit screen timeeMonitor TikTokfor parents.

Or if you want an easier way to limit TikTok screen time, click on this guide for the details.

5 Easy Ways to Limit Your Kids' TikTok Screen Time on iPhone

Top 6 TikTok screen time monitoring and limiting apps

01 Wondershare FamiSafe

02 To call

03 Custodio

04 MSPy

06 Android007

Part 1. What are the potential risks of using TikTok?

Although most people believe that the platform can do a lot of good, they are still unaware of the harm it can cause. To make sure parents know why monitoring TikTok is important, here are five potential risks to children when using TikTok:

popular trend

Popular and popular challenges on TikTok attracted many users to participate. Whereas on TikTok anything can go viral and trend. And in some cases, trends are potentially dangerous. There have been trends related to fires, extreme temperatures, and hazardous materials that have been popular on TikTok in the past. It will be easy for adults to see the dangers of trends, but it will be a little difficult for young people to see which direction is right for them to try. Especially if your main goal is to become famous and popular with your schoolmates.

Examples of popular but dangerous trending challenges on TikTok:

  • Penny-Challenge
  • Throw in the air challenge
  • Cha Cha Slide Challenge
  • teeth grinding challenge
  • silhouette challenge

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easily addicted

Research has shown that social media platforms, especially TikTok, are highly addictive. According to the document published by Forbes,Almost every user spends 50 minutes a day on TikTokπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Why is that? TikTok's algorithm calculates what type of videos you most enjoy watching by identifying the hashtags that add the videos you watch, the host of the videos, the trending songs, and so on. Then post content that's right for you. That's why you find TikTok so attractive.

Once kids get hooked on TikTok, they spend less time studying and doing outdoor activities. And the excessive use of technological devices can make teenagers more aggressive, leading to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

inappropriate content

While TikTok has a system for reporting disturbing content, the AI ​​isn't powerful enough to stop material from being uploaded in the first place. For example, the video may be made with cartoon animation, but the content is too explicit, which may lead young children to imitate your behavior.

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engagement with strangers

While it is possible for parents to ban children's profiles through the official TikTok app, strangers can create fake identities posing as teenagers to engage with children on TikTok. There have been many reported cases of children being victimized by serious criminals and other malicious individuals through the platform. The biggest problem is that parents can discover the problem after a considerable period of time without proper supervision.

Problems with interacting with strangers on TikTok include:

  • inappropriate chat
  • Disclosure of personal information that could endanger the safety of children
  • Involvement in drug or other related crimes
  • Being vulnerable to someone with malicious intent

privacy issue

No matter how secure you are using a social media platform, you still face a high privacy risk when sharing personal information. Most children are not aware of the horror of privacy and the damage it can do to them in the future. So they can share a lot of secret personal information in their TikTok videos as it is a cool way to get more views and likes. However, the same information can backfire if someone misuses it to harm himself or his family. TikTok's time limit can help keep activities in check and avoid these problems in the long run.

Privacy issues include:

  • Creating deepfake videos using content on Twitter
  • Personal data such as name, date of birth and address are shared publicly
  • Private life details are shared through content used for bullying

Part 2. 6 apps for TikTok monitoring and screen time limit

Here we present the 6 best apps that you can use to control your kid's TikTok screen time and monitor the activities of the app to avoid falling victim to potential risks.

Wondershare FamiSafe

The best app to monitor your kid's TikTok activity and limit screen time is Wondershare FamiSafe. As it suggests, the app is specially designed to protect your family, especially your children. Parents can easily install this app on their kid's phone within minutes. Once the app is installed, all of the child's activities on TikTok can be remotely monitored on the parent's device. This monitoring includes their search results, total usage time, who they communicate with on the platform, what content kids are looking for, and much more.

Also, parents can monitor everything remotely from their own devices at any time. All information is synced to the parent's device, so kids don't get involved in inappropriate activities.

Second, the "Limit Screen Time" feature helps parents set limits on how often their kids can use the app. This includes daily and weekly total limits, etc. After a limited time, the child will not be able to use TikTok until the beginning of the next period. This keeps their TikTok addiction in check and helps them protect themselves from excessive exposure to inappropriate content.

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To call

Bark was a cutting-edge parental control platform that protected many children from TikTok overuse. The app is easy to use and offers a dedicated interface for parents to review each item one by one. It currently offers a TikTok monitoring feature that parents can use to monitor how their child is using the platform. Bark can also be connected to over 30 social media platforms for monitoring and security. It also helps filter search results and website content before children can see it. However, the application can be too complex for some parents. Likewise, the app's screen time may also be limited.

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Especially at a young age, it is extremely important to monitor and prevent children from engaging in pornographic content. Qustodio helps parents set up porn control on their kids' phones in less than a few minutes. The free version of the application also offers results filtering and search monitoring services. The best part is that once parental controls are set up for one social media platform through this app, it will apply to most other social media platforms on the child's device, providing full coverage and security against disturbing content. . However, it is difficult to use the application for beginners.

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A key problem with TikTok monitoring is that parents aren't always there for their kids. For example, children who study in boarding schools cannot be directly monitored like children who live at home with their parents. Therefore, it is important to find a way to remotely monitor your child's TikTok usage. Try limiting TikTok screen time and monitoring your actions with Mspy.

This app can be installed remotely and gives you the peace of mind of checking what your child is doing on TikTok from your device. Even in your absence. Anything stored on the child's device such as B. their stored photos and videos can also be monitored with Mspy. This gives parents a complete overview of whether their kids are always using TikTok safely. However, the paid version is very expensive.

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As the name suggests, this app is the best spy software to check your kids' total engagement and usage of social media platforms. Once installed, FlexiSpy helps parents to monitor everything their kids are doing on their devices. Parents can remotely check everything from a single tap on the device screen to the content they are watching on social media. In addition, the same app also helps to restrict the usage of certain apps remotely. If parents feel their child is using it inappropriately, they can remotely restrict usage until they talk to their child about the problems TikTok can cause. However, without a proper internet connection, it can be difficult to use the app remotely.

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Android007 can allow parents to limit screen time and control their children's TikTok usage on any Android phone. Often times, a child's activities on TikTok can be transferred to another platform as well. Therefore, the same application will help you to monitor how your child uses WhatsApp and other applications. If parents want their children to fully tune in to TikTok, the same app can help determine if TikTok is installed on the child's device. For Android users, the app can provide cutting-edge tracking and monitoring. However, the app is not available for iOS users.

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TikTok monitoring is extremely important to keep your kids safe and protect them from all possible risks of using TikTok. These risks may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate content, contact with strangers, and platform dependency. Consider getting WonderShare FamiSafe today to protect your kids on TikTok.

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