What makes a good goalkeeper? -- Skills, Traits and Attributes – Best Goalkeeper (2023)

Goalkeeper is a complex position that requires physique, a strong mentality and unique skills.

While any good goalkeeper should be able to produce a variety of saves, there is much more to maintaining than just technical ability. An elite goalkeeper must be courageous, an excellent communicator, focused, determined, and willing to take the criticism and disappointments that come with the job. The best goalkeepers not only have the right knowledge and attitude, but also the fitness and strength that a footballer needs.

These are the traits and skills that make a really good goalkeeper, the types you'll find at the highest levels of soccer.

1. Focus / Alertness / Concentration

More than any other position on the soccer field, goalkeepers need to be 100% alert.

Without support from behind, it is imperative that goalkeepers are focused on the game, alert and ready to spring into action.

Any experienced goalkeeper knows very well that games are won and lost due to lack of attention. The best goalkeepers are prepared for thisanything, and stay alert during the 90 minutes.

2. Speed ​​and Agility

Whether running off the line to create space, running to hit a cross/corner, making a save, changing direction for a deflected shot or making repeated attempts up and down the goal, the best goalkeepers are alwaysquickly.

ThroughMobility and fitness training.The best goalkeepers have developed incredibly fast reaction times, giving them the ability to pull off the most spectacular, seemingly impossible saves.

3. Strength

For goalkeepers to have the maximum chance of dominating their box, they must have physical strength, especially in the upper body.

The best goalies are deceptively strong despite their slim build. This is important when picking up high balls in the crowded goal area and when jumping at the feet of players in 1v1 situations.

It is also the key for goalkeepers.build strengthto absorb the raw powerefforts in the surroundings, and to hold the ball in situations where a "bump" could result in a spill.

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4. Height

There's nothing that says you can't be a successful goalkeeper if you're below average height. There's no question about it though: there's nothing wrong with being a great Guardian.

Having the ability to run over attackers to pick up the ball or gain extra inches whenFull body dip for a shot, is what can make the difference in a game. Therefore, most of the best professional goalkeepers in the world are tall. It's not a coincidence.

5. Eligibility

The best professional goalkeepers are all in great shape. They look just as fit as today's outfield players.

Goalkeepers dedicate a large part of their pre-game efforts to nutrition,physical fitnessand physical training to improve your speed,agilityand strength. This is vital in order to be able to react quickly in game situations and meet the increasing expectations of playing as a "libero goalkeeper" in the modern game.

Goalkeepers need to be able to not only put attackers in possession of the ball in defensive situations, but also be incredibly agile in the goal area and penalty area. Therefore, a high level of fitness is essential.

6. Manipulation technique

Feeling comfortable with the ball is an expectation of every goalkeeper, regardless of level. From the time you become a guardian to the higher levels of the game, he continues to practice thebasic handling techniques.

One of the things that separates the best goalkeepers from those below them is that they master the art of securing the ball in as many situations as possible. Large porters keep spills to a minimum. They make driving seem routine.

7. Consistency

Putting in a great performance is all very well, but goalkeepers are judged (harsh) for the last mistake they made. So consistency is key.

The best goalkeepers in professional soccer are the ones who stay out of the spotlight for months, even years. The reality is that if the public usually talks about a goalkeeper, it is probably because he usually does something wrong orunpredictable.

In fact, the regular, but very important, contributions of gatekeepers go unnoticed. But the best goalkeepers know it very well and accept it.

8. Bravery

Pick upcrucesand dive at the feet toThe 1v1 situationrequires immense courage. Only the goalie has to put his head in the way of the opponent's feet! Just like in rugby, goalkeepers must anticipate collisions and take steps to protect their bodies.

(Video) FIFA 22 - Best Goalkeeper Build + Traits & Perks

In a non-physical sense, goalies must also be brave enough to face the criticism that comes with the role. No matter how good you are as a goalkeeper, you are bound to make a lot of mistakes throughout your career.

9. The right team

It's easy to overlook the fact that professional goalkeepers are equipped with the best equipment and training gloves.

While most of us are on a budget when shopping for sporting goods, it's important to at least get goalkeeper gloves that offer adequate grip for the conditions you play in. Any experienced goalkeeper will feel at a disadvantage wearing a very cheap and inferior pair of flat cut gloves compared to those with professional grip. It certainly affects performance to some degree.

I have made a list ofThe best goalkeeper glovesas much asRecommended equipment for owners.

10. Positional awareness

A great goalkeeper wants to be "in the right place at the right time" in every game scenario. As a result, these Guardians don't have to constantly produce Feats to avoid goals.

Good positioning is crucial toremove saves, inserting onedefensive release,catch a cross/corner, ythrow yourself at the opponent's feet. The best goalkeepers instinctively "feel" where they need to be on each stage. However, even the best GKs in the world fall into the wrong position.

11. Forecast / Anticipation

A goalkeeper may be fit, strong and agile, but foresight is just as important. Whether it's a shot, aCruz, or a direct pass to a1v1-SituationGuardians cannot simply respond to an event once it has already occurred. Then it's too late.

The best goalkeepers can read the game and keep an eye on what will happen next. On the other hand, the weakest goalkeepers tend to misjudge the game, getstuck in the wrong position/situation, and inadvertently put themselves and their team under pressure.

Good anticipation comes with regular gaming experience (and focus, of course).

12. Precise distribution

It goes without saying that goalies have to be able to do this.distribute ballrequired distances through set piece kicks, drop kicks, forearm spins and overhand throws. You need to be able to do this under pressure from attackers when it comes to back passes.

But one of the keysItems football scouts are looking foris the skill of a goalkeeperPrecisely select a player by scattering the ball.. This helps teams maintain possession of the ball and launch quick attacks. It stems from the idea that modern goalkeepers must be good both on the field and in shooting shots.


13. Decision making

Indecision is one of the biggest obstacles for Guardians. The best goalkeepers you can dowise split second decisions, and stick with them.

No goalkeeper makes the right decision in every situation. But the best goalkeepers will be right most of the time, and when they are wrong, they will often find a way to adapt to their misjudgment.

Learn more about theTough decisions goalkeepers have to make.

14. Trust

Goalkeepers often find themselves in situations that lead to goals and losses. Maintaining trust is one of the biggest challenges.

The best goalkeepers are able to believe in their own abilities after difficult periods and dominate their box in both areas: aVoiceand physical sense. The best goalkeepers in the world don't throw in the towel when they hit a bump.

There is no doubt that goalkeepers of all levelsdisguisehis lack of confidence. But every top goalkeeper knows that he must not reveal his weakness because the opponent will detect it and exploit it.

15. Strong communication

Being vocal on the soccer field is not something that comes naturally to everyone. But it is essential for every Guardianorganize your defenseand highlight threats (for example, untagged attackers) before they become a serious problem. Goalkeepers, in particular, need to show assertiveness in setting up their players for a set piece, such as building a wall for a direct free kick.

Some professional goalkeepers are reserved characters off the pitch, but can still deliverstrong, direct and constructive commandsto his team during games. The best goalkeepers can "light up" from the first whistle to the last.

16. Instinct

Anticipation and informed decisions go a long way in preventing targets. But some game situations require goalkeepers to simply act on instinct, such as, and trade your dives for late diversions.save point blank

The best goalkeepers have feline instincts that come from years of playing experience, physical conditioning, and reflex training. But there is certainly an element of natural ability, and even creativity, in being able to respond well to dangers that are difficult to rehearse.

17. Thick skin

Being the last man in the line of defense means goalkeepers are also expected to perform consistently well in games.

(Video) Types of goalkeepers

they are goalkeeperscriticized for errorsmuch more than they are praised for their good work. A negative moment cancels several positive ones. Criticism will come from teammates, the coach and the full-backs. In professional soccer, goalkeepers are ridiculed by experts and fans alike.

Goalies often blame situations that are not entirely their fault.bad weather conditions, bad back passes and other defensive mistakes can lead to common mistakes, but the goalkeeper takes over. This is the harsh reality of a Guardian.

So, at every level of the game, the goalies need to be extremely tough to survive.

18. Quick Footwork

It is often forgotten that goalkeepers don't just rely on their hands. The ability to runquick and sharp stepsit's one of the reasons why goalkeepers can take shots and crosses early on.

the best goalkeepersadjust your feet to find the optimal positionin every game situation. This skill can be honed in fitness and fitness.flexibility training exercises, in which the goalkeeper weaves through a series of cones and/or stairs before being called into action (for example, a shot on goal).

19. Positivity

It's not easy for goalies to hide their frustration when things don't go their way. But the most successful Guardians are able to maintain positivity, energy, and enthusiasm through good times as well as bad.

An experienced Guardian knows that they have the power to change the course of games and seasons. A series of stops and punts can build a team and, in some cases, help lead the team to victory or an unlikely tie. Therefore, it is crucial that the goalkeeper maintains a positive attitude and, of course, also enjoys those great moments.

20. Disinterest

The goalkeeper must be a team player.

Except for some otherrepel sanctions, the instinctivestop reflex, odive feetTo derail the striker, there are not too many moments of glory for the goalkeeper. On the other hand, defenders still have a chance to score a goal or provide regular assists. Because of this, it's not uncommon for outfield players to get away with either a low workload or a very selfish attitude towards the game.

Selfishness doesn't work for goalies. The only objective of the goalkeeper is to support the team and reduce the goals scored. Unfortunately, that means only one or two odd moments of praise and glory.

There are so many special skills, traits and traits required to become a good goalkeeper that it is undoubtedly the most difficult position to learn. Use the list above to identify your strengths and weaknesses and where to focus your efforts going forward.

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